Speed Your Concussion Recovery

A concussion is a serious injury that happens when your brain hits your skull, or your neural tissue experiences excessive strain. These types of injuries can be caused by direct blows to the head or through indirect forms of trauma, like whiplash during a car accident.

When it comes to treating a brain injury, functional neurologists take a unique approach to the healing process by evaluating and treating your unique symptoms as opposed to your clinical diagnosis.

At The Wellness Institute of Dallas, Dr. Brandon Nutt and Dr. Matt Rayner specialize in chiropractic care, functional medicine, and functional neurology. This expert training allows them to support your concussion recovery by accurately identifying the signs of a concussion and outlining a personalized approach that accelerates your healing process.

Signs of a concussion

You can often see the signs of a concussion immediately, but in other cases, these symptoms can take hours or days to appear. These symptoms can also vary in severity from mild to severe and might include:

Sometimes these types of traumatic brain injuries cause you to lose consciousness on impact, but 81-92% of concussions don’t involve losing consciousness.

To recover from a concussion as quickly and fully as possible, you have to receive an accurate diagnosis and begin treatment immediately.

Diagnosing a concussion

At The Wellness Institute of Dallas, we rely on several tools to help diagnose a concussion, including a:

During your appointment, we also check your physical function. This includes measuring your muscle strength, nerve function, range of motion, and reflexes. If you have signs of a severe concussion or multiple head injuries, we might recommend additional testing with a neurologist.

This thorough evaluation process helps us understand the severity of your condition, your unique symptoms, and the extent of the impact behind your injury.

Recovering from a concussion

After we reach a concussion diagnosis and understand your symptoms, we work closely with you to develop a personalized treatment strategy. Concussions can take from days to months to heal, depending on the severity of your symptoms.

Further, without proper treatment, you can also develop post-concussion syndrome. This complication is most common in people over 40 and describes concussion symptoms that continue to linger for extended periods of time.

The first step to helping your brain heal as quickly as possible involves getting plenty of rest. It’s also essential to avoid activities, like work, school, or sports, that put a strain on your brain and body or increase your chances of getting another head injury.

Additional activities you should avoid while recovering from a concussion include:

Aside from prescribing rest, we also provide nutritional counseling, supplements, and brain exercises, like the cutting-edge GyroStim rehabilitation system. GyroStim addresses symptoms associated with concussions and traumatic brain injuries by using a multi-axis rotating chair that combines vestibular stimulation with multisensory processing exercises. Your vestibular system deals with spatial orientation and your sense of balance.

By combining all of these therapies into your personalized treatment strategy, we can help you recover from your concussion faster and more effectively.

For more information on concussion recovery, call The Wellness Institute of Dallas or schedule an appointment online today.


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