Functional Neurology


Functional neurology is the development of drug-free, non-invasive therapies and brain performance training unique to every individual based upon the thorough examination of the motor, sensory, reflexive, and cognitive systems of the body.

Functional neurology uses the principle of “neuro-plasticity” to develop more efficient pathways for the brain to communicate. Neuro-plasticity is defined as the brains ability to reorganize and create new connections between neurons. This incredible process allows us to learn, remember, and become more efficient in daily activities. 

At the Wellness Institute of Dallas, we utilize neuro-plasticity to establish or re-establish connections in the brain to improve its overall performance. We use the industry gold standard in testing procedures to develop a training program that promotes activity in specific parts of the brain. No two patients are the same, and no two programs are the same. 

Included in the functional neurology program is a personalized nutritional consultation to optimize fuel delivery and production for the brain to increase healing and growth and stabilize the brain environment. A multi-modal approach to your health is needed to get the best results.



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