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Chronic disease is often a result of not being able to take in or produce enough of certain beneficial nutrients and/or the inability to clear a multitude of toxins from within and the world around us. With genetic testing, we are able to analyze the DNA of a person to establish their theoretical potential and disposition towards disease. Nutritional testing on the other hand gives us a snapshot of an individual’s biochemistry in that moment. Combined, this wonderful synergy of NutriGenetic Analysis can give us deep insight into why someone is sick and allow us to individualize nutritional treatment to get them better. Below are instructions on how to get your genetic data sequenced & analyzed most cost-effectively. You can then meet with Dr. Morcom to analyze & make the appropriate recommendations based off your DNA results, your symptoms, medical history & additional lab work.

  1. 23andMeUse this site to get your DNA sequenced for $99 with expedited processing in half the time. Choose “Ancestry” only. This is something you will be able to use for the rest of your life.
  2. Once your results are back in 3-4 weeks, sign into your 23andMe account & download the “raw data” Sign into your 23andME account and click on tools in the navigation bar at the top of your homepage. Next select Raw Data Card from available tools. Then click Download Raw Data.
  3. Next, send your “Raw Data” to with the subject as “DNA Nutrition”. We will run this data through MethylGenetic Nutrition Analysis which will generate a detailed report for Dr. Morcom to utilize at your next appointment. You will have unlimited access to the detailed 40+ page report and will be charged $50 for this service.
  4. Lastly, look out for a symptoms questionnaire sent by e-mail to be filled out before the appointment. It will be utilized to better elucidate what genetic variations are clinically relevant. Remember: Our health is not a direct result of our genes themselves but instead, a result of how our DNA is actually expressing due to our lifestyle, diet, stress & even our emotions!
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