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The Wellness Institute Of Dallas

Functional Medicine & Functional Neurology Practice located in Dallas, TX

21 total reviews

The Wellness Institute Of Dallas always appreciates feedback from our valued patients. To date, we’re thrilled to have collected 21 reviews with an average rating of 4.86 out of 5 stars. Please read what others are saying about The Wellness Institute Of Dallas below, and as always, we would love to collect your feedback.

Chris L.
Submitted 09/30/20
Dr. Nutt is very knowledgeable and offered practical, useful advice to help me improve my overall health!
Josh A.
Submitted 09/11/20
Great personalized service
Christie O.
Submitted 09/11/20
Dr Nutt is very friendly and caring. He listens and makes me feel comfortable. My adjustments are helping and I look forward to every appointment. Thank you Dr Nutt!!
Jennifer A.
Submitted 09/02/20
I love your new website that allows me to make my own appointment. It means I can schedule an appointment for the next day while you are closed, instead of waiting until you open the next day. It is wonderful!
Marcus P.
Submitted 08/26/20
Every visit has been a huge improvement when it comes to my injuries. I’ve seen Dr. Nutt for a serious back injury and now a shoulder injury. Both cases were diagnosed right away without X-ray or MRI. The treatments gave me almost instant relief and got me back where I needed to be to perform my daily tasks. His professionalism, Neurological knowledge, and medical experience gives me extreme confidence to return when needed. I would highly recommend their office to anyone that needs this type of chiropractic care or just routine maintenance.
Jack M.
Submitted 08/25/20
I had Stem cell injections into my knee, before I got them I could barely walk and was in pain constantly. After the shots and the therapy I'm walking pain free. They really know what they are doing, and are super friendly. They make you feel like family.
Rosa A.
Submitted 06/09/20
Dr.Nutt took time to explain.
Jaeden W.
Submitted 06/09/20
Dr. Rayner is great at what he does, and he is more than willing to talk about what he is doing. This allows me to have a full understanding of what is going on and why he is doing certain things. He is also very friendly and approachable. Great place to be treated at!
Charlie W.
Submitted 05/26/20
I started seeing Dr. Nutt after suffering from Insomnia for a full year. All of the treatments Dr. Nutt did in the clinic helped tremendously. It only took 3 visits before my insomnia started getting drastically better. Plus Dr. Nutt is incredibly smart and really helped with patient education for exercises to do at home. My insomnia has been almost nonexistent for about 3 months now. Thanks to Dr. Nutt and the Wellness institute of Dallas!
Jena D.
Submitted 05/22/20
Dr. Brandon Nutt has an amazing disposition with my special needs son! He’s incredibly patient, hard working and extremely intelligent! We love this doc and this office!
Heather L.
Submitted 05/22/20
Dr. Nutt is the best!
Gwyneth L.
Submitted 02/08/20
Always grateful to get the great professional care and excellent treatment from Dr Nutt
Gil H.
Submitted 02/05/20
Dr. Rayner always knows how to fix what hurts... and he's super nice
Kirk L.
Submitted 02/03/20
Dr. Rayner is Great!
John B.
Submitted 10/28/19
Very friendly and good physical therapist.
Don M.
Submitted 10/25/19
Dr Nutt is extremely knowledgeable and professional in his approach to treatment. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend his services to anyone.
Will J.
Submitted 10/25/19
Dr. Rayner is very personable and extremely well versed on all the aspects of my particular PT needs regarding a troubling and persistent hamstring injury. The staff is kind and answers questions quickly and fully.
Kathy S.
Submitted 10/25/19
Unwavering dedication to natural wellness and always thorough answers to my questions.
Anke S.
Submitted 06/27/19
When it comes to concussion or traumatic brain injury (TBI), there are a lot of brain rehab clinics out there that promise TBI patients the most amazing results - often even within a week time. What these TBI centers don't tell you, is that this does not apply to all TBI patients. In fact, it is rather rare that lasting and significant results can be obtained during such a 1 week program. On the contrary : if your brain (and cellular) metabolism is not functioning properly anymore, or in case of microglial priming, an intensive 1 week TBI program can actually make you even worse. Some TBI patients can't even get out of bed anymore for months after such a treatment, that can seriously put your health at risk. Some TBI treatment centers simply take advantage of TBI patients who are desperately seeking help to overcome the devastating consequences of TBI - and charge them thousands of dollars in the process, money that TBI patients often have to borrow. In the end, for nothing - except wasting your time, feeling miserable and utterly disappointed and being exposed to debts. Unfortunately, this is a reality today. And that is exactly why I appreciate Dr. Brandon Nutt so much. He treats his patients in an ethical way, he is careful, cautious not to make promises he can not keep, he first thoroughly examines his patients physically, but also questions them about their daily habits, sleep patterns, nutrition, he verifies blood results and everything else he can possibly verify. He clearly explains possible treatments in a detailed and easy-to-understand way, so you have a realistic idea about what you can expect as an outcome and what you can not. He is genuinly concerned for the wellbeing of his patients and takes his time to advise them on a number of aspects that could improve their overall health. He has in-depth knowledge of TBI and the secondary health issues that result from it and from what I've seen of him, invests a lot of his time in continuous study and research to assist his patients even better and come up with even more effective treatment. Moreover, he shares his knowledge and experience through various educational programs, and helps to raise awareness and to prevent people from developping secondary complaints - in his unique and modest way. I believe he leads by example, he walks his talk and I consider him to be one of the most trustworthy and reliable TBI health professionals in the US - and I talked to MANY of them these past years. In short : he's a man of science who treats his patients with this heart. So yes, I can definitely recommend him and the 5 stars are well deserved ! Keep up the good work Dr Nutt !
Norah M.
Submitted 04/19/19
Dr. Rayner is the best! He is so well informed on the body, how it functions and how nutrition plays a role into curing and preventing. After being sick for long time, and having so many doctors what to medicate and inject me it was refreshing to find a doctor that wanted to heal me, not just treat symptoms. Dr. Rayner has helped me repair by body from several issues and I can’t thank him enough.